Learning to shoot – how to get started?

Learning to shoot is in your plan for the near future and you are determined or determined that you want to learn to shoot. Fantastic! Shooting is an attractive sport that teaches composure, control and self-discipline. In a strictly sports edition, it can also be demanding in terms of fitness, which will be an additional incentive to stay in shape. So how do you get started?

Mastering the basics

To master the basics of shooting you actually only need your presence at the shooting range. With a shooting instructor, you will master the construction, principle of operation and self-use of every popular and available type of weapon, such as the Glock pistol, AK carbines, ARs and even submachine guns such as the PPSz-41.

In principle – the operation of firearms is quite simple. The construction of the different types of weapons is also not complicated. These are all requirements that are always placed before the weapon by its intended users. The basics of learning to shoot are easy to learn regardless of the age, gender, or physical conditions of the shooter.

An integral part of this will be mastering the principles of safe gun handling and developing habits to take the next step on the road to advanced firearms handling.

Recently, there have been efforts by the Polish government to popularize shooting. The best example is the “Shooting for Everyone” project, under which any person over the age of 26 can go through a comprehensive shooting training program.

Learning to shoot for advanced shooters

If we’re talking about advanced shooters, we’re automatically talking about shooters who are authorized to own guns and have their own weapons. Admittedly, you can use club and range weapons without restrictions, but if you want to train more intensively, it will be cheaper and more effective to use your own weapons.

If you have your own weapons, you will have easy access to, for example, shooting ranges. Then you don’t have to have an instructor over your head, you can control the training process yourself. You can introduce elements of fun into your training. Interestingly, there are quite a few items in the specialized literature treating the science of shooting, where you have the entire training process written out, specific exercises, how to prepare for training, training goals and, for example, reference times for performing specific exercises.

Much of the training, as part of your learning to shoot, can also be done at home. A significant portion of the so-called “new”. “manual”, retrieval of the weapon and many of the activities necessary to master the weapon can be done at home as part of non-firearm training. Here again, the condition for the possibility of such training is to have your own weapon with the option of storing it at home.

Shooting lessons for professionals

With these professionals it may be a slight exaggeration, because in Poland not many people make a living from shooting, but if you want to get to the top level of gun handling, you can add specialized training to self-training.

There is a wide range of training available in Poland at the moment, both sports (e.g. IPSC) and tactical. The instructors conducting such classes are usually top athletes, including athletes from around the world. Ben Stoeger himself taught at our shooting range. The same applies to tactical training, where classes are conducted by special forces soldiers, but also by professional training companies.

Checking the effects of learning to shoot

The best test of the effects of how your learning to shoot has gone is participation in shooting competitions. Both sports and collector license holders can participate in club competitions. These most often have little official character, but introduce an element of competition, and as soon as the stopwatch starts everything we have learned is put to the test.

The best way to enter the world of sports is to enroll in a shooting club, which regularly holds shooting events and competitions.

The open road

The most important conclusion when it comes to learning to shoot is that this path to self-improvement never ends. If you’re asking yourself a question like “I’m going to buy this gun and what am I going to do with it?”, we have all the right answers. You’ll have somewhere to shoot, someone to shoot with, and the shooting itself will be fun and an unexceptional form of self-development.

Want to try shooting and learn to shoot? We invite you to visit our shooting range:

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