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Shooting for a gift? Let’s think! Can shooting be a good gift? If so, for whom? In the short material below, we will try to answer these and other questions. Because, without giving away a big secret, we can already lay out that shooting for a gift is a great and original idea for making the gifted person very happy.

For whom is shooting for a gift?

Here you certainly need a person who likes to spend time actively and has no aversion to weapons. This is condition number 1. In fact, firearms have come a very long way, and today they have gone from being a tool for inflicting harm to a very popular tool for sports and entertainment in the broadest sense. That’s why shooting for a gift is a very good choice for those who want to try something new, but also for those who have had a gun in their hand before and would like to become more proficient in using it.

Caution should be exercised when giving a shooting gift to children. Admittedly, the law in Poland does not regulate the lowest many from which firearms can be used, but young children will certainly not benefit from a visit to a shooting range. This relates to their ability to focus on safety rules, but also on the physical limitations of a small person.

Shooting for a gift will also not be a good gift for people who are very small and have extremely low physical stamina. Interestingly, however – the shooting range is regularly used by people with physical disabilities, including those in wheelchairs. Here, the key is the accessibility of the facility itself and the architectural restrictions on the site, which you should ask about before visiting the shooting range.

What to shoot from for a gift?

In Poland, during a visit to a shooting range, you can shoot virtually… anything. In Poland, under the supervision of an instructor, it is possible to use a whole range of pistols, carbines, including AK system carbines, AR15, MSBS Grot but also shotguns, or historical weapons. Here the famous Pepesha is an example.

Each type of weapon has its own characteristics and each means different costs of use. The extent of use of each type is best determined with the shooting range personnel before the visit itself.

The ability to use different types of weapons will also be a function of what restrictions you will encounter at a particular shooting range. Many very small indoor shooting ranges have far-reaching restrictions on shooting at steel targets, for example, or with long guns. It is worth taking all this into account before a shooting gift is purchased.

When to shoot for a gift?

When to give someone the gift of a shooting voucher? Here the answer is very simple, because it is – all year round. Here, indoor shooting ranges are in a privileged position, because they can be used year-round, regardless of weather conditions. Nevertheless, outdoor ranges beat indoor ranges when it comes to the choice of weapon types, the possibility of dynamic shooting, the choice of targets, the distance at which shooting is conducted. It remains a completely separate matter that shooting in a winter setting when the shooting range is dusted with snow also has its charm.

Where to shoot for a gift?

There are about 400 shooting ranges in Poland. So there is a lot to choose from, but here you need to find a shooting range that has its arsenal and the staff to enable you to use it. Perhaps the first visit to the shooting range will be the beginning of an adventure and obtaining your own firearms license. If you need more information, we will be happy to advise you:

Modlin Armory sports shooting range, a shooter-friendly place:
Modlin Armory, biuro@zbrojowniamodlin.pl, +48 788 999 303

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