The best shooting range in Warsaw – a difficult choice

Let’s say you want to visit Poland and you need a shooting range in Warsaw. If you are already very knowledgeable about guns, it still can be an issue to find a great shooting range in a foreign country.

It can be difficult to tell which one is the best local shooting range just by looking at the prices or number of lanes on the website. The best way to find a great shooting range is by asking around and doing some research online first.

What is the best shooting range in Warsaw? This question is difficult to answer. All the more difficult because the answer itself will depend on what you expect from the shooting range. To help you choose, we have prepared a short and subjective (!) ranking of good shooting ranges in Warsaw and the surrounding area. Probably none of them meet the criteria of the best shooting range in Warsaw, but collectively you will be able to shoot at these ranges with everything and in your preferred style.

Do I need my own gun at a shooting range in Warsaw?

The short answer is no. For sport, recreational or training use, no requirement for a weapon is required in Poland. It doesn’t mean one can buy gun or will receive gun to use as he/she pleases. Shooting ranges (in Poland, but in Europe in general) have specific permissions to protect the users safety. Your shooting will be done under the care of an experienced instructor.

How safe are shooting ranges?

The importance of safety on a shooting range can never be underestimated. And safe behavior doesn’t always come with age. Beginner shooters can behave in a safe way, and old shooters can behave dangerously. Shooting and shooting range safety are sometimes two different topics. Therefore, it is extremely important to take safety precautions seriously. The weapon, when used correctly, is completely safe. If used incorrectly, it can cause catastrophic damage. Knowing how to handle weapons safely, regardless of how you feel about them, can be an extremely helpful part of knowledge. Statistically, everyone is sure to encounter firearms at some point in their life, so even if you don’t like them, it’s good to at least know how to handle them safely.

That said, a shooting range is the safest environment to get to know guns and gun safety, or acquire new skills. Just make sure to follow instructions from an authorized person, such as an instructor or Range Safety Officer (RSO).

Shooting range in Warsaw — variety of options

There is a long list of grat shooting ranges in Warsaw region, for indoor shooting and dynamic, outdoor activities.

Modlin Armory

People looking for a variety of shooting possibilities can go just 45 km outside of Warsaw. In Modlin there is an outdoor shooting range with 11 shooting axes, and the possibility of shooting at distances up to 150 m. The Modlin Armory is: 12,000 square meters, conference facilities, Gun SPA, a shooting club and the possibility of organizing integration events — modern office, conference room, the possibility of convenient configuration of the facility, catering and convenient access make us a perfect place for training, company events and presentations!

Outdoor shooting range is also an option of interesting dynamic shooting, for example against steel targets during the Steel Challenge competition, which can also be organized for organized groups (e.g. during a bachelor party). Outdoor location will avoid unhealthy gunpowder gasses and excessive noise. In nice weather, shooting can be ended with a barbecue. Of course, the Modlin Armory has experienced instructors on site.


In Mokotów, at ul. Dominika Merliniego 4, you can find an intimate Warszawianka Shooting Range. 10 shooting lanes with the possibility of automatic adjustment of the target distance (10 – 25 m), conference facilities and a great location. In words of the owners:

With us you can organize a company party, hen party, bachelor party, integration meeting with the possibility of preparing catering. Our team cares about the safety of all people using the shooting range. We always operate professionally and reliably while maintaining a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

FSO Shooting Range

One of the largest, if not the largest, indoor shooting ranges in Warsaw is the FSO shooting range located in Praga Północ. FSO offers as many as 80 positions on 14 shooting axes on 6,000 square meters. FSO has over 250 weapons in its arsenal. Sport shooters will find their way there, just like people who take their first steps in shooting. In the words of the shooting range itself:

All this under one roof, in one place and – if necessary – available 24 hours a day. We have created a place that gives great opportunities to professionals with specific training preferences – the type of weapon or axis. Our offer is also aimed at beginners, which is why we have provided ideal conditions for learning how to shoot. Under the supervision of instructors, you can gain knowledge and skills related to sport shooting

U27 shooting range

One of the most interesting shooting ranges in the Warsaw area will be U27 located in Ożarów Mazowiecki at the A2 motorway exit. It is a modern, indoor facility with extensive conference facilities, a large parking lot and a place to drink good coffee. Corporate events are often organized there. As we read on the shooting range website:

The offer of the U27 Shooting Range is rich and varied – we organize shooting competitions in various competitions (dynamic and target), we teach the safe use of weapons, combat shooting techniques during special training. We provide unforgettable fun at corporate events, integration, occasional private events, stag parties, weapons shows and shooting picnics. Each shooting organized at our shooting range is preceded by a thorough instruction in the safe use of weapons and the preparation of participants for shooting, and all visitors to us can count on professional and professional help and technical advice from the U27 team.

Shooting range in Warsaw — choose wisely

The above list, of course, does not exhaust the topic of shooting ranges in Warsaw, as there are obviously more. As we mentioned in the introduction, it is difficult to find a facility that can be described as the best shooting range in Warsaw, even if many of the ranges describe themselves as such. The best shooting range in Warsaw is the one where you feel best, are best served and where you just want to come back!

If you are interested in many shooting options, check out Modlin Armoury.

People visiting us for the first time can call and ask for details of such a meeting. The same applies to company events, stag and hen parties.

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