Price list

Price list Armory Modlin
Valid from 01/10/2022 (range price per hour)
The prices given apply to the entire range and not to individual stands.

We require a minimum license of the shooter in the case of using black powder weapons.

In the case of commercial visits, we add a personal fee (PLN 20 / person)

Mon – Fri Sat – Sun Applies to range no .: Remarks
Short dynamic range 55 zł/h 70 zł/h 5,6,7,8,9 Price for range and target stands
Middle dynamic range 80 zł/h 100 zł/h 10,11 Price for range and target stands
Big dynamic range 130 zł/h 170 zł/h 1,2,3,4 Price for range and target stands
Ranges 100/150m Phone. Phone. 12,14 Telephone booking
Instructor 120 zł/h 120 zł/h any Telephone booking
Conference room 30m2 60 zł/h 60 zł/h any
Metal targets (pistol, PCC, shotgun-pellet) 25/50 zł/h 25/50 zł/h any Poper 2 pcs / Plates 4 pcs (PLN 25), Tree / Plate Rack / TexasStar (PLN 50)


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