Where to Stay in Warsaw on Your Visit to Help Capture the Polish Spirit

Poland, and stay in Warsaw in particular, is a great place for a weekend trip. Warsaw airport covers over 200 destinations, hotel prices are reasonable, and the capital of Poland offers great food, amazing history and lots of activities.

When visiting big Polish cities, you don’t have to worry about anything. Most younger people speak English, public transport is cheap and reliable, and Poland is known for its safety. Just remember that there is no Euro in Poland, as the country operates on its own currency.

Warsaw — short history

Warsaw is the capital and largest city of Poland. It is located on the Vistula River, roughly equidistant from Germany to the west and Russia to the east. Warsaw was founded in 1257 by a Polish duke, Bolesław II Rogatka. The city was built on a strategic location along trade routes between Eastern Europe and Western Europe, which helped it grow quickly. On March 8, 1596, King Sigismund III Vasa decided to move the capital of the country from Krakow to Warsaw. This decision was dictated by the significant expansion of the territory of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and the king’s desire to take the Swedish throne. The whole process of moving the capital lasted more than 13 years, and the king himself and his family moved only in 1609. We found an interesting article on Wikipedia about the capital of Poland. Only in 1918 Warsaw was formally declared a capital, and the first document with this designation was in 1952.

Anyway, the city grew through the 18th century and became one of the most important cities in Europe. However, it suffered significantly during the 1939 Invasion of Poland during World War II, when it was completely destroyed by German troops. It was rebuilt after the war and now is known for its diverse culture, vibrant nightlife and lots of job opportunities.

In 2022, Warsaw had a population of 1,741,096 inhabitants within its administrative boundaries. These numbers can be even higher when taking into account thousands of Ukrainian refugees. Warsaw is visited by more than 8 mil visitors every year.

Foods and Drinks from Warsaw you need to give a shot

Warsaw is a great place if you want to explore the best of Polish food and culture. It has a lot of restaurants and bars that offer traditional Polish cuisine and drinks. If you’re looking for some cool drinks, you can try out the famous Polish vodka, or some other traditional alcoholic beverages like fruit wines, beer or mead. Warsaw is also known for great food, with cuisines from all over the world mix in a glorious variety of restaurants, pubs and bars. Thanks to the rich history of Mazovia’s cuisine, one’s can find something for most peculiar taste. These are just a few examples:

Warsaw-style Tripe

Although Warsaw-style tripe was one of the traditional dishes served in the times of the People’s Republic of Poland, its roots go back to the Middle Ages – even King Władysław Jagiełło enjoyed tripe. In the period of the People’s Republic of Poland, Warsaw-style tripe served at Flis’s or in a bar at the Różycki bazaar enjoyed the greatest popularity.

Dumplings during your stay in Warsaw

Every Varsovian seems to know about the taste of these balls of potato dough sprinkled with pork scratchings and fried onion. This is a popular Polish dish, once famous in the Praga district of Warsaw. You should check it out during your stay in Warsaw!


Herring is a popular local food. It’s served in a variety of ways and eaten both as a snack or as an everyday meal. The best places to eat it are those that serve it in oil — it also tastes great with vodka.

Wuzetka cake

This cult cake is symbolic of Warsaw and is a must-have in any restaurant. It originated as the W-Z drive that was built after World War 2 that stretches under historic districts. Milk pastry with a crispy crust and rich chocolate inside — it melts in your mouth and is the perfect addition to any dessert menu when you stay in Warsaw.

Places to visit in Warsaw

Warsaw is a city of many faces. Its history is full of ups and downs, wars and occupations, and the people who live in Warsaw today are the result of all this. There are many places to visit in Warsaw, which will show you different aspects of the city’s history. For example, you can visit the Royal Castle Square where you can see some very interesting buildings like Lazienki Palace or Wilanow Palace. The Old Town has many beautiful churches and palaces, such as St. John’s Cathedral or Royal Castle on the Water, which was once a royal residence for Polish kings. Another place to visit would be Powazki Cemetery — one of the biggest cemeteries in Europe, with more than 1 million graves that date back to the 17th century. Warsaw is a popular stag weekend destination among UK citizens.

Warsaw is one of the most popular destinations in Poland and has a great flight connection to Western Europe and the UK. The city is served by Warsaw Chopin Airport, which offers flights to more than 200 destinations. You can plan your stay in Warsaw also using Modlin-Warsaw airport!

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