Which AR carbine for yourself?

Which AR carbine to choose for yourself? This dilemma is faced each year by many shooters who would like to get involved with the AR carbine platform either for sport or collectors. This very popular platform derived from the legendary M16 rifle is today a staple of civilian rifle shooting. The topic is of much more serious concern to sport shooters, since in their case the correct configuration of the weapon is crucial to the sporting results obtained during competition.

A number of factors influence the comfort and ergonomics of use. In an upcoming workshop, we will try to look at each of them. So which AR carbine will be perfect for me?

Price vs. quality?

The question “What AR carbine for yourself?” begins with the selection of a gun manufacturer. As in most markets, here too we have budget levels, mid-range and premium solutions. When is it worth buying a top-of-the-line rifle, and when is a mid-range one enough? Is it worth considering budget solutions at all?

Barrel length

This parameter determines the ability to use the weapon in various shooting competitions. As a rule of thumb (although there are of course exceptions here), the longer the distance at which we shoot, the longer the barrel should be. We will configure the rifle completely differently for IPSC shooting, completely different for long range shooting.

Selection of targeting instruments

The question “What AR carbine for yourself?” will also imply the choice of targeting instruments. Let’s remember that the majority of carbines going to the individual customer are not equipped with any targeting instruments. In addition to the issue of cost, this is determined by the fact that the choice of instruments will depend precisely on the future use of the weapon.

Selection of outlet devices

Today, a wide range of outlet devices is available on the market. Silencers, suppressors, compensators, discharge brakes and various combinations of the above. These devices have a significant impact on the behavior of the rifle, on the ergonomics of its use and on the ballistics of the fired bullet itself. That is why the question “What AR carbine for yourself?” should also refer to this aspect.

The topics highlighted above are just the highlights of our October meeting. There will be many more of these points. A program of theoretical classes for students who want to make an informed purchase of a carbine in the AR15 platform. Target group: people with a permit before buying their carbine.

– Construction of the AR15 platform (operating principle)
– Types of gas systems (benefits and differences)
– Construction standards (what the MIL-SPEC standard is and what benefits it provides)
– selecting the length of the barrel according to the needs of the user (what gives a short, and what a long barrel)
– Upgrading the AR15 platform (what is worth replacing and what is simply a waste of money)
– Building Custom for informed users.
– Basic maintenance and service activities.
– Additional topic : possibility to convert 22lr and 9×19
+ Question Answer Block.

During the class we will work on approx. 10 configurations based on AR15 rifles with barrel lengths of 5″, 10.5″, 11.3″, 14.5″, 16″, 16″ 20″ in calibers 9×19 , 5.56mm, 308Win. The configurations will be equipped with both collimator and prismatic sights and running scopes. Users will be able to see which configuration is most suitable for them.

Which AR carbine for yourself?

Who will lead the class: Lukasz Mieczkowski, BUOS Company

Where the classes will be held: Modlin Armory

When the classes will be held: October 29, Saturday. We start at 11 am.

Duration of classes: 3-4h (depending on the activity of the participants)

Cost of participation: PLN 150 / PLN 100 (club members of KSK Armory Modlin)

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